TĀM - The Needed Experience!
Providing the perfect atmosphere for someone who needs to be creatively ready to create.


We are talking about an experience that provides the needed atmosphere and adequate time, in a world that is missing both of these factors.Imagine a person working on a corporate identity for a wood workshop. In the best case scenario he researches on the subject using repetitive internet sources and related books and plans to meet the people who work in the workshop and spends a day with them. Now picture another person who spends his research time puttering with woodworking tools, smelling and touching the fresh wood in a cottage dip in the forest. The first person doesn't have a slight chance in front of the second person in designing the most proper identity for the mentioned workshop. This example is expandable to different situations. Like a writer, a painter, or a researcher who wants to research on a specific era in architecture or even a detective who wants to solve a crime. We want to transform what the second person experienced into a device which can be used wherever it is needed to. The device can be placed on any surface and it will provide the desired atmosphere. It will produce the smells and sounds regarding the chosen ambience.The result is that user can perfectly experience the true feeling of being in the actual atmosphere without paying any fees or spending too much time traveling or surfing between endless resources of the web. Now the question is how the data base of this device is provided? It can either be created by creatives or the information can be gathered through different people. Writers, normal people from various cultures and countries, painters and designers, specialists, researchers, scientists who can submit smells sounds and textures scientifically, and at last but not least are coders who can create even new spaces and atmospheres based on the given data.This system’s great merit is that it does not belong to any special country, profession, or person.

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This idea is about an experience created by a service/device for people who lack enough time and resources and need to be in a special place/atmosphere for their projects. Smells, sounds, images, and textures will be generated by this system and the information on the system is gathered and produced by different individuals.

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