App-ily: Making productivity measurement simple
An app-based productivity measurement programme.


To avoid the tedious manual input of time-sheets and professional activity, as well as the dreaded micro-management for leaders, we merge this important requirement with technology to create a programme that PROactively captures it. Allowing flexible work environments - based on trust, unbiased KPI results and unquestionable measurements for reward. Generating streamlined reports, friendly reminders, and the ability to sync team members. It’s not only about who you are but it’s about what you do that counts. Therefore it’s an effective way to allow staff to work remotely and flexibly while allowing the senior levels information to manage appropriately.

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PROActivity programme: As simple as a “health watch” records your daily physical activity, this records your professional activity during your 9 to 5. It will be multi-platform based and able to sync with all work devices, but primarily loaded onto a cellphone / fit watch, to capture voice and movement.

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