Work & be free: move, play, communicate
New technologies allowes us to work out of office, so we can be free, move, play and communicate.


In my project I think about these following ideas.

1.New technologies is a big part of work in future. Now we use internet, wi-fi, navigators, sputnik maps, phones and other devices with a lot of functions to make our life and job simpler and faster. Sometimes I think that future is now. High precision laser, 3d printers, modern materials are the part of our life now. I don't know what will be popular in future: virtual reality, robots, artificial intelligence or something else. But I am sure that new technologies will be developed and help people to work efficiently.

2.New technologies gives us oppurtunity to be free. And the second idea is the work in movement/ work in travel/ work and relax. We don't need to sit on the office chairs in our office apartments any more (all we know, that it's not healthy:). If you can notice the most brilliant ideas come up with when we are relaxed. Modern technologies allowes us to travel and stay the place where you want. We can move, walk with a dog, go by bicycle in a park, have a rest in a hammock and at the same moment we can do our work. For example, to think about projects, to search in the internet, to write down new ideas, to share them with some сolleagues and to negotiate.

3.The work as a game. I think we should learn from children how to be creative and openminded. The future of work is an playgroud and an experiment . To create something new we need to play, to try new, to mix different parts and not to be affraid of making mistakes. And modern technologies is so simple that's why even children (and animals too:) can use them. I think children are geniuses so they can be a part of creative process.

4.The next is the world people communication. I think that furure of work is a collaboration of the best experts from around the world. We don't need to work with people only from our city, we use the network of people. It is a union of human minds, knowledge and talents and it's like a big human brain:)

Describe your idea in less than three sentences.

New technologies will be developed and help people to work efficiently. They allow us to work out of office, so we can be free, move, play and communicate with people from around the world. We will work & relax, work & play, work & travel and it will make us more happy, healthy and positive.

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