Make a job living your life now
Improve you on your self and start living. Your best life is now


"There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving and that's your own self. "Aldous Huxley By doing that you will bring balance in your private and work life and it will be your on choice. If you know what motivate you , how to combine your dreams with the mission of the company you will have all that you need in your balance life. We are often faced with the fait accompli, we behave like machines because that we were raised or because that we ware trained in schools. We forget that the most important thing is and will be us as individuals . I come with an application proposal to daily remind us that life is beautiful and worth living. At our job we can be the best we can and give 100% on the program hours but we have to still remember to live, remember that we have goals that we cannot only dream but try ...and the company 's shoud let us find ourself and make some programs that can make us come to work with pleasure or provide us the opportunity to work from home or from anywhere and connect to each others. Businesses should support us to fulfill our dreams as long as we fulfill our corporate objectives and we feel motivated by financial plan and as individual person ho has needs and desires. We all want to fill motivate and inspire others, to have autonomy and to fill appreciation in what we do. We know for sure that we do not have guarantee the safety of a job tomorrow... Many of us are caught in technology, job ...where you have to act like a machine and we forget to enjoy one sunrise, a flower, a walk out with your friends. I often watch people on the street on the way to their jobs and see how worried they are...

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Improve you on your self and start living. Make a life doing your job and remember to live a little Now ...Today...:) A life worth living it is your moral obligation and this could only bring you happiness.

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