Atomic Leap
Atomic Leap of Mankind


The aim of the idea the future of work is to take advantage of technological advancement of information era with the artificial intelligence to create a working culture that is more tactile, and very efficient that focusing on worker life goals and happiness.

This scheme begin with the corporate that investing in cloud computing AI that has virtual work environment with avatars from each real-world worker. These real-world workers then set-up their avatar in the cloud to complete various repetitive task and tasks that could be done digitally in the information era. The virtual economic world then create a barrier between sluggish-slavery working environment with the heavenly fun real world. The goal of the scheme is to fasten innovation that needs creative minds that couldn't be found in a stressful and hyper-paced global-economic working environment. The real-world people work on their avatar occasionally to made important decision only. They can focus on the real world to connect and focus on networking and socializing with people, share thought and ideas that shape better world and share transparently to the world with the cloud computing. The global system then analyse and speed up new innovation making a leap of mankind progression to the next level.

"going down is easy, going up, is a thing."

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Atomic Leap of Mankind. Human will be replaced by AI for the repetitive works.

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Surreal CGI visual, typography

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