VMR: How The Future Calloborates
VMR makes a space through technology that allows and gives freedom for people to connect globally.


With the life of a digital nomad sounding so tempting, 40-60 hour weeks can seem overwhelming. Not everyone might want to hit the road but many people still want the freedom of a relaxed environment and choosing how to schedule their time. When meetings are necessary, video conferencing only goes so far with helping people connect for a global session or a collaborative discussion whether this is with clients , co-workers or partners. When you travel, you would like to experience a place or get to know a team and not have to hop from one place to the next every day. This set would give you the freedom to be able to take part in a meeting while on the road, from home or even outside possibly enjoying the sun while you work on changing the world. With most video devices, you are also limited in being able to read each other´s body language or really interacting in what the other party is sharing. Virtual Meeting Rooms creates a space that allows your full "virtual self" to step into a room of the group´s choosing, read each other´s body language and facial features, plus fully interact with the data provided by participants. Information can be displayed through a white board that you can write on, a projector to showcase prepared notes or post it notes and other material for a creative "hands on" experience. The only equipment required would be virtual reality glasses, earphones, and a small motion sensor device. These fit easily in a bag that can be carried on the go. With technology changing so fast, a new sleek line of VR glasses will be coming soon.

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Virtual Meeting Rooms give people freedom to enjoy places and moments while creating innovative ideas with colleagues and forging new business partnerships.

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