The Working Net is a network where people not only gather contacts but actually sign for projects.



Imagine a Xing that - let's be honest, is more than useless - locking essential features behind premium memberships and only rating your activity on how fast you're gathering contacts you'll never write or call again.

In The Working Net you are not only connecting with your coworkers and business partners - you actually sign in for projects offered by companies from around the globe.

Work becomes more and more digital, specific and is often outsourced to companies. Creatives and freelancers often only does have a chance to take part in interesting projects, if they're working as an employee for a company. But working in the same companies for years often becomes monotonous and is highly restricting your flexibility. You are forced to appear for 9 hours a day in the office, for doing work you could do at home, in a café or from anywhere around the world.


With The Working Net you are not signing for full-time positions but for projects that are outsourced into the community. And there it don't stops with crowdstorming the great idea (the sketching). Even the final realization (the shaping) and the marketing and distribution (the sharing) can be released into The Working Net.

For example a brand is preparing the invention of new product line. Besides developing the actual product and fabricating it in factories the company will need a logo, a slogan, a designed label, an advertising campaign, maybe 3D models of the product or an animated clip and so on and so an...

Now the company can hand over these jobs into The Working Net splitting it up in different fields of work like 1000 hours of graphic design and 100 hours in 3D modelling, subdivided in specific viable tasks between 10 and 100 labor hours. As a creative you can sign in to one of these tasks, taking part in international projects you never would have had access to if you were working in an office in your hometown.

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The Working Net is a platform where you can sign in for real working projects around the globe and participate in them to an amount you choose. The Working Net tries to simplify all the bureaucracy that is usually necessary for signing a job, using a complex rating system on workers and companies reliability and skills and a video conference service implemented in the system. It makes it quick and easy for employers and freelancers to come together to fair and trustworthy conditions.

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Visualization of a network platform that massively simplifies the processes of freelancers hiring for projects making international projects accessible not only for great agencies but also for single self-employed workers.

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