Work as a sport pitch!
Scouting, transferring and retaining talent as in sports!


The idea is to totally change the current workforce structure from formalizing work relationship, remuneration, retention, purpose of the job and not ultimately the workplace. Example: Let's take Cristian. He's an young IT bachelor which finished first the university. Our company, Idea Generator, is already short-listed him given the feedback that we have from our associate, professor Schmidt, which is acting for us as a "talent scouter". We will make Christian an impressive contract offer because we believe he is the key to lead and outbreak the best in our expansion in the area of AI. For the next 5 years, whatever other company will want his services should pay us a release clause of 100 million dollars. In the fourth year of collaboration, Christian already succeeded to take our AI business at the maturity level. We are planning for an IPO. Christian is willing to take another challenge. Space X is making us an offer of 50 million dollars to have him for their self-navigating ship project. We accept the deal. Christian went for retirement at 30, while coordinating a company of "headhnting talents". His company has no offices, the entire activity is running on the collaborative digital spaces. He is paying the associates by success fee, but the most talented one is secured through a contract with a release clause of 100 million dollars. A new Christian is on his way! All are paying taxes, they are allowed for more personal time, while spending less time on adding value to their work. The "workball" is rolling!

Describe your idea in less than three sentences.

Scout on "transfer market" - hire talent from others by paying transfer fees. Onboard them as much as needed with clear incentives depending on clear performance indicators (e.g. success of project). Let them free when not needed, "sell" them when their market value is high; publicly recognize their work and success.

What type of content is your submission?

Disruptive idea which is challenging the status quo of current workforce etup.

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