We are all creatives
Allowing people from everywhere in the company to solve a problem or suggest an idea in any domain.


Very often problem solving in a company remains among those who are working on the subject. My idea is to have A Virtual Creative Board shared across the company. It has two parts : the Problem Resolution Board and the What If board. The Problem Resolution Board: anyone having a problem to solve can post it. Every employee interested in brainstorming to solve that problem can manifest his interest. Then a virtual or physical brainstorming takes place. I think that bringing together people from outside the circle can boost the solutions for the problem and also create a positive energy of collaboration between employees. For example, product development post a resolution about finding a new product to target a specific segment of customers. The accountant, the Vr specialist, the HR intern and few others manifest they interest to participate in the challenge. They can participate in as many challenge as they want, this is part of the work. The Virtual Creative Board has also a "What if" board. In this part every employee can post an idea that they have about anything. Employees can vote about these ideas and if they are selected the ideator will be working on the project. Example : What if we develop a new packaging format dedicated to big families. Best contributors are rewarded in some ways.

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A virtual creative board accessible to all employees to boost creativity and innovation. It has two parts : the Problem Resolution Board and the What if board. Any employee can post a problem on the board asking for help to brainstorm about the subject, anyone can participate. Anyone can post an idea or a suggestion and participate in its elaboration if selected. Anyone can comment on those ideas and vote.

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