Feelers is a match-making-like app connecting organizations and the next generation of creatives.


Feelers is a new concept in a familiar package. Feelers is app focused on collaboration utilizing aspects of the dating app user experience. Whether its a corporation with a new project putting out feelers for a creative with fresh new ideas, or a creative looking to get that next level project, Feelers makes building those connections for both parties easier and more transparent.

Users simply create a profile a either a “creative” or a “seeker” and tailor they’re profile to their needs and skill sets. The “creative” profiles feature select projects and links to portfolios and social media. The “seeker” profiles feature past projects and what they’re looking for. From there, both parities swipe left or right, to deny or accept collaboration for future projects.

After a match is made the app opens up a direct line of communication between corporations and their most valuable resource; the next generation of creative talent. In order to maintain quality, the app will be based on an application process so that users can pick from the cream of the crop. Feelers makes the collaborating easy.

To take the collaboration process a step further creatives are also visible on the app to one another. This encourages the necessary means to collaborate with each other, expanding their network and skill set as we share ideas and techniques furthering the creative community and the progressive ideas within it.

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Sourcing the right creative for the job or landing the big client seems like a complex recipe of hard work, networking, and luck. With Feelers you can connect with millions of creative doers and seekers transforming intangible ideas into concrete visual statements that tell a story. Your story starts here, put your feelers out today.

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