GOOD WORK - A Guide for Freelance Professionals
A blog that provides information for freelancers about a sustainable way of living and working.


The world is changing – people in the 21st century look for higher quality products, a flexible work flow and a more natural way of living. This blog is a practical guide for freelance professionals to lead a simple, more meaningful life. It explains how to act environmental friendly at work and at home.

It covers many areas of interest for future oriented freelance designers, illustrators and such: first steps, taxation, customers, design and sustainability, where to work, materials, nourishment, devices & it, transport, work & leisure, travel, consumption, community, education.

Describe your idea in less than three sentences.

The idea is to create a blog about future-oriented work for freelance professionals (e.g. designers, illustrators ) with a lot of practical tips, ranging from areas of interest such as materials, devices&IT or travel&transport. Content is updated regularly and contains links to outside sources for further information.

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A website.

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The concept of a sustainable guide for young freelance designers was created together with Anne Schipplick and used for a student project at HTW Berlin. Anne created the logo used below for our book. The blog is my idea and uses a more general approach, so that more professionals can implement sustainable strategies in their work and private life.