No Third World
Imagine Atlas, keeping the world, transforming to an educated independent man.


The transformation of the third world will come via crowdfunding program for every single third-world person, who can't get rid from the poverty and wants to get education.

Usually the people migrate in order to get access to a system, allowing them to have better protected human rights and career opportunities.

Imagine a system, allowing you to subsidize a person to get educated, get normal human rights and experience in a normal country, and then going back to create legislations, helping the human rights of the others.

Usually the emigrants, moving back to their countries feel alone and don't initiate legislation changes, because they don't know how to do that.

In this system, the person will be supported by people donating money and knowledge, in order a critical mass of influencing people from the country and abroad to get engaged with the problem and this way the ugly contrasts in the country will decrease progressively.

We can engage companies to donate money and know-how to this initiative, in order to prove, that they don't engage with illegal practices like exploitation of the human labor and corrupting governments.

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Third world is a thing which demands more our attention. We lose precious talent there and we should support its growth via modern tech and political know-how. Via special crowdfunding, every single person could be supported to become politically competent and economically independent, so she could reform her home country.

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