Unity Decentralized Sytem
One extendable user profile, integrating all her ratings/KPIs from all online systems as apps.


The social media decentralization is one of the hottest topics on the Internet. It's considered, that it will come true in the very near future.

In brief, it refers to the possibility to have an independent social media profile, which could be managed, customized and hosted everywhere you want, under your personal terms.

What we propose is a Free Profile, which is based on the Free-as-Freeedom Software principles, which means that you could read the code, extend it and redistribute it.

The Profile(let's call it Unity) will be fed by the ratings the person has from different online freelancing, crowdsourcing or P2P systems, like AirBnB, TaskRabbit, Freelancer.com, Jovoto, LinkedIn, Innocentive, Quirky.com etc. Imagine all possible ratings/KPIs, plugged in the Profile as plugins, and all the systems they come from to be considered as 'Labs', where the user participates.

Special CRM systems, built on the same principles will extend the Profile, and the user will use them for more secure and feature-rich communication. The Profile will have also a payment system in digital currency and knowledge-sharing module, showing the user's rating and data from Teachable, Udemy and other knowledge-monetizing profiles. It will list certificates from Coursera and other online education platforms. The Profiles will allow the users to work on different labs, share best practices, initiate legislations and there will be no third-party platform, like Facebook, selling their data.

The trust the user gets will allow her to develop new product development ideas and methodologies, and participate in paid or 'for love' research from third parties like universities. HRs will be SEO specialists of the decentralized structure and big companies like LinkedIn, FaceBook and Free Software based ones such, will sell them Business Intelligence services. The whole profile will be reflection of the important role of the person in the systems.

Describe your idea in less than three sentences.

So far you were an attribute to the system's growth- now they are attributes to yours also. The Profile you need will replace your CV, portfolio and all other standard formats and will add the social media future.

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