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We are in the midst of a rapid transformation. Spurred by technology and millennial attitudes, the way we work today is the dinosaur of tomorrow. Nearly every major news channel has reported on the “future of work” – but few highlight the potential day-to-day realities experienced by today's talents. To reframe the conversation and include you in the discussion, jovoto has founded the ForeWork Initiative in partnership with adidas, Cisco and Vitra.

To kick-off the discussion, ForeWork is collaborating with WIRED. Together we want to invite you to the first ForeWork crowdstorm surrounding the future of work.

This is your chance to let the world know what matters to you and to influence the future of work!

As part of ForeWork, you are welcome to:

  • Connect and network with a creative and innovative global crowd
  • Receive feedback from senior leaders around the world and across several industries
  • Earn cash prizes from the €25,000 total prize pool
  • Become part of the ForeWork report which lands directly in the hands of high-level decision-makers at some of the world’s most renowned organizations
  • Have your contributions reviewed by WIRED editors for potential publication
  • Be chosen to present your idea and participate in the two-day ForeWork workshop with initiative partners at the end of April (fluent English is a requirement), including consultation fee and travel costs to Berlin.


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