For Glory 2013

Show the jovoto Community your unpublished masterpieces!

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Show the jovoto Community your unpublished masterpieces!


While many of our clients are already on their summer holidays and we are working on bringing new and exciting projects to the platform, we would like to offer you an exciting outlet for your creativity! Show us and the other Community members what you’re busy working on aside from the jovoto projects! 

Everyone has doodles and finished pieces lying around on their desks. Photos, sketches, university degree work, or freelance projects that you’re proud of, but you didn’t go on to develop further and publish. We want to see this work!


Show us the best of your ideas and skills and impress the Community with your portfolio! Find out what other Community members are working on and what they think about your work. We (and our clients) are looking forward to finding out even more about our Community! 

Task Definition

Show us your best, craziest and most innovative work lying dormant in your desk drawer!

All types of media are welcome: from pictures, graphics, illustrations and installations to videos, animations and advertisements! 

But it is important that the idea for your idea/submission is actually your own!

Target Group

Your target group is the jovoto Community. Impress them with your ideas!


You define the tonality! 

Mandatory requirements

  • To help you understand the kind of work we are looking for, please have a look at the For Glory and More Glory projects from previous years. 
  • If others were involved in your idea/your work (photographers, illustrators, copywriters...), please name them as co-authors in the ideas upload form.
  • In case you are submitting a piece of work that has already been published, please ensure you have the right to publish it.


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winners get a flight to berlin :O are the winner get ticket to home too? :))

And why would we want to come back...? I'm staying in jovoto HQ! ;)

that's the spirit, mauriciothomsen! :)

im wondering jovotoan who lives in berlin win this project. and he/she said, maan.. jovoto HQ is nearby my house.. i can just walk.. :p good contest btw!

I think I am faster by train, though.... :)

... and if i'm living in Berlin, i get a S-Bahn ticket ? :D

Hi rural_minds! Thanks for the great idea, we will definitely take this into consideration!


and joke by side: we will figure out something in that case ;)

Wow, excellent competition

Yeah! Wow this is going so fast already! Thanks guys! Really excited to see your non - jovoto projects! :)

cool! all rights are staying of course with me and we are not 'selling' our ideas with taking part, right?

well good stuff goes directly to me :)

yes of course you are - that's why were doing this project!

: D please don't take me seriously today. All is safe dear Livia! :)

Can we submit more than one project to this? Awesome challenge!

hi there! you can upload up to 5 projects (you will see this when you click on "submit idea")

keem them coming! :) thanks!

Do the projects have to be unpublished and exclusively for Jovoto? Or we can upload anything what jovoto hasn't seen yet but was published somewhere else previously?

Hi there! The projects should be new here to the jovoto community! We would love to see some private work first of all - but if you decide to show a work previously published, you should make sure for yourself that you avoid any copyright infringement!

This is a unique contest and its going to be a superhit! ;D

Encoding issue with last update. Can you please fix :) Thank you in advance!

I also facing same encoding issue! Hopefully it will be fixed as soon as possible. Thanks to those who fix it!

seems jovoto is facing a technical problem now, new project wont load full picture, status update from friends in the main user interface also freezing. goodluck jovoto!

Dear All,

Sorry for the encoding bug! We are on it and will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Yours Jesko

Thanks Jovoto for the fix! now i can see my submission! Thank you very much!

Happy Architect Day - dear friends - let our dreams become a reality =)

Happy Architect day for my architect fellas around the world :D

anyone here know when is design product day?

im curious :))

I love this project!!! I've never seen so many handmade, personal, original and emotional ideas like in this one!!! It's absolutely great!!!

glad that you enjoy it too! :)

I do highly appreciate and thanks to Jovoto to bring together all designers from different corners of the World to get different ideas and enjoy mutually all.

:)) That's great to hear Amirul!

I am happy to participate in this contest!

I'm just wondering...if the winner comes from Berlin, will he/she fly to New York? :)

Hey everyone,

We're having a bit of technical trouble with the uploads at the moment.

Don't worry though, you can continue uploading and we're working to get it fixed as quickly as possible!

Thanks, Jess

So much talented people here! this is a super contest to get acquainted with the real art of each person who sent artwork here! I wish you all success in attaining your dreams! I am very pleased to see so many wonderful projects!

encoding in progress...

Dear aletvar,

the developers are right now fixing it. Its almost done. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Yours Jesko

I´ve seen a lot of good work in this project and i think it would be great to organize a little exhebition with the results of this project! Would be great to promote jovoto and to show the skills of all these talented people...

This is a great suggestion André!!!

voting done! =) really great stuff here!!! had to give a lot of hearts!

Agree! I think this project is more than a competition! More like an exhibition and sharing!

I just would like to say THANKS A LOT to Jovoto for give us this opportunity to share our deepest and personal works with all the community. And of course, thanks to all of us for share our works! Its so interesting and inspiriting to see how the people work and do things just for passion and pleasure. In each slide we can see through and see the persons we are and our intimate world. thanks!

one hour left, last chance to vote everyone. really exciting this time where so many nice things submitted!

Dear jovotans! Thank you all for your sharing your hidden gems with us :) It's been a great ride, loved it! We were also really happy to see your enthusiasm and nice comments throughout the whole time! As everything in this world, this project also had to come to an end.. and so it did, just now. We are happy to announce the winner of hearts (or stars) : the special prize goes to noone else than matias! Congratulations! And see you soon!! :D

I just want to say BIG THANKS to everyone and specially to jovoto for give us this chance to share our deepest personal works. We enjoyed so many excellent stuff here!! Im so grateful and happy..