Emergency Shelter - SNUG
SNUG is an Emergency Shelter based on the "honey comb cells" and is 100% recyclable.


This emergency housing concept is a part of my diploma project in Product Design.

The main concept was to develop a shelter which is recyclable and is going to be storage in disasters vulnerable areas. That is where the "honey comb cell system" plays a big role.

There are way over 100 million homeless people are - right now!

They lost there home by natural and environmental disasters, economic crises and personal family problems. These people not only losing their homes but also social support, security, hope and often there loved ones.

The reconstruction phases and programs often take a long time and it takes a wile till circumstances start to turn back to "normal". Refugee camps, asylum and homeless shelters are generally overcrowded and the living conditions are devastating!

Even at night, it's hard to find peace, and to gather strength for the next day.

And, as we all see day in day out at the breaking news, it takes often several days or seven weeks to reach the disaster area.

The emergency housing is providently stored in disaster prone areas.
It`s stored in containers and the storage areas are in so called "Green Zones".
A "Green Zone" is located in a disaster-prone region, but in a save area which is designated as save. The choice of location depends on the region and expected disaster.

SNUG is a temporary emergency housing which gives people a tool to help them self till professional help arrives. As the name suggests, SNUG gives people a small piece of this back what they just lost. Protection, privacy and security!

SNUG can be set up quickly and easily by two people.
Based on the capsule hotel concept, it offers plenty of space to sit and sleep for one or even two adults or a adult and two children.

The "honeycomb cells" mattress is raised so the honeycomb can yield slightly. The comb cells are made of simple impregnated paper with closed cells. The tread is made of strong magnetic 1cm "Ferro Paper" has been folded in the central axis. This magnetic system also allows you ti set up more then one SNUG to fit in more people. This could be helpful for families or to gather groups who need special protection like children or women.

The accessory is reduced to the essential and ensures the vital basic services.
All utensils are found in the recess space of each SNUG. In this composition, everything is sealed under vacuum to the smallest volume. The product is  protected and uses storage space in the best possible way.

Each SNUG comes with an instruction manual which is printed in the tread and explains in simple graphics how to set it up. Which is also important because there is no time to read complicated instructions when you just lost everything and saved your bacon. Also keep in mind that a lot of this disasters happen in areas where the illiterate rate is quite high.