Ballerina Energy System
Hybrid Renewable Energy System capable of storing Wind and Solar Energy as Ice, Hot, or Electricity.



Heat waves, severe tornadoes, droughts, and flooding are all the results of climate change.  We are simply emitting too much CO2 in our atmosphere as we are consuming more and more energy and specially fossil fuel.  In order to benefit more from renewable energy which is so abundant, I designed a new smart and efficient hybrid tracking solar/wind energy system capable of supplying and storing electricity and heat (hot & cold) to individual households.

This product is very useful because it eliminates the need to buy stand alone renewable energy systems that may not be able to communicate and optimize between energy demand and energy supply.  It is better than the alternatives because the smart controller optimize how the energy should be collected by using the sun or wind or even both, and how it should be supplied to the user based on his or her daily needs.

The system is designed to give the consumer a clearer picture on how the energy is being tapped, how it is stored, and how it is being consumed.  The visual display of the energy consumed for every routine he or she performs in the house would allow the user to modify his/her behavioral change toward energy efficiency hence allowing the household user to minimize his or her  total energy usage, save money, and hence reduce CO2 pollution.