I speak fluid colors
Digital Art Posters


These are digital drawings developed primarily for aesthetics. It's a study in colors and Illustrator techniques basically based on Illustrator blends tweaked in Photoshop.

I've chosen bright saturated primary and secondary colors to create a fresh, life-affirming impression to energize the viewer.

The inspiration for the abstract shapes is found in the nature: Fire, fluids, ink and lush greens. From airy elements as well as organic elements.

In principle there's no right or wrong way to interpret the drawings. It's a bit like watching the clouds and finding rabbits and sheep in the shapes.

Though it is created with the intention of evoking a positive and light feel.

The title "I speak fluid colors" is a metaphor for my creation of color palettes. Both literally the art of toning colors and a metaphor for it is something that comes easy to me. Colors have become a big part of my brand as a graphic designer over the past couple of years.

This combined with the fact that the shapes look like fluids is the background for the overall naming of the three drawings.