Mork & Lala


Since I am a fan of the animation I wanted to do my own show, something in the style of the old cartoons of Chuck Jones, with silly jokes that today as an adult I've missed.

As a graphic designer I always try to put something personal to the things I do, but this was different. 100% Homemade, from a fan for fans of old animations and with a sense of humor as silly as mine.

I had quite advanced all: synopsis, scripts, character study. My intention was to make animated shorts, in one minute or so, post them online for free and wait to see if people liked it.

Then sell books, stickers, action characters, thongs printed with the faces of the characters and become a millionaire ... I mean billionaire!!!!

yeah right, all that would happen for sure!

Unless ... one day the computer stopped working and lose all the information because the hard drive died. All information?? well almost, could rescue this animatic that I had sent to a friend, asking for help with the music.

I still I have faith in this project, in my head is all the story of these characters: Mork is the grumpy monster who is always busy and Lala, the small vampire, who is allways cheerful and very very curious.

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