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We connect our global community of designers and creative minds with big-name brands and NGOs to ideate, iterate and innovate. We have upscaled brainstorming, we call it crowdstorming!

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While many of our clients are already on their summer holidays and we are working on bringing new and exciting projects to the platform, we would like to offer you an exciting outlet for your creativity! Everyone has doodles and finished pieces lying around on their desks. Photos, sketches, university degree work, or freelance projects that you’re proud of, but you didn’t go on to develop further and publish. We want to see this work!

Show us the best of your ideas and skills and impress the Community with your portfolio! Find out what other Community members are working on and what they think about your work. We (and our clients) are looking forward to finding out even more about our Community! 

All types of media are welcome: from pictures, graphics, illustrations and installations to videos, animations and advertisements!

The community winner gets a flight to the jovoto HQ in Berlin!

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