Future of Food & Beverages

How will digitalization impact how and what we eat in the future?


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Welcome everyone to The Future of Food and Beverages challenge!

We are really excited to host this for the first time! As you know, food is a hot topic right now and we couldn’t be more thrilled to offer this space for inspiration and collaboration.

Have a look at the brief for further information as well as the video that has been added to give you a brief overview of the food industry and current challenges. And of course, don’t hesitate to ask any question you may have. We are here to help!

I can’t wait to see what you will come up with. I’m sure it will be couple of exciting and inspiring months together! And if you have friends, collaborators or colleagues who might be interested and have great ideas, send them over and have them participate as well!

Good luck everybody! Be creative and have fun!

Best, Veronica


Xavier, great to hear your excitement and looking forward to seeing your ideas! Cheers, Veronica




Exactly! Great inspiration! Perhaps you'll come up with something related to 3D printing? :)

Hey Xavier! About that video... cool that you're a fan. The creator Chloé Rutzerveld is one of the project's jury members! Amazing, right?

Hi dear @Veronica! Starting to dig into all this awesomeness, let's see what we can create for this! Inspiring! :)

Hey dear @Elizabeth! Super Amazing! Chloé Rutzerveld rocks with that creation! I got simply WOW! Seems that this project will be a super futuristic and innovative for the super food of mankind! Yeeeeaaaah!!! :)

Hi again Xavier! So great to read your excitement! :) The possibilities are endless at the intersection of food industry and technology. Are you ready to submit your project?! :) Looking forward! Cheers, Veronica

What a cool project! Let me share a link below: http://futurefood2050.com/ This website cover a lot of information about food future.

What a great resource! Thanks so much for sharing this :)

Hi! Thanks for sharing! That's indeed one of the most comprehensive resources available about future of food! Look forward to your project too! :)

Hi Veronica! Here's some opinions of mine :) -How will the future change the places where we buy and eat? One of the biggest problem of supermarkets are bags. We are already modifying this trend with online shopping and I am sure that in no more than 30 years(but it will be probably less) supermarkets will be just digital places. Something like big screen where one can just touch what he/she needs and find it back at home in a few hours. Restaurants will keep existing and more effort would be concentrated in quality of foods and fashionable location. Waitress staff would not be costly because most of it could be automatized through the use of tablets and moving electric trays. People will be able to choose food by 3D images of what you will be eating. - Where & how will we purchase our food? Purchases will be mainly online apart for fresh food. People want to see and touch fruit and make sure this is of high quality therefore I think that farmers markets will gain more and more success creating a double economy of super modern vs ‘coming back to the traditional’. - What is the impact of “internet of things” and intelligent devices who is connected with all my other digital devices and knows my eating preferences and behaviors? We will be able to set specific time and dates in which we want our shopping to be delivered and we will be able to decide products that we want to be refilled before they finish. Thanks to technology, supermarkets will know what and when I’ll need it. People will not have the problem to run out of something because vendors will provide it through apps. It will be enough to send a notification of ‘ending product’ and retailers will do the rest. Clients will also be able to evaluate customized offers by notifications and change products they want to receive. - How will traditional shopping and places where we eat be transformed by digitalization? They will be much smaller and cheap from the entrepreneur point of view. Only images will be displayed for most of packaged food. - What can supermarkets offer to compete with the growing market of home delivery services? Someone who does the shopping for you, creating meal plans and shopping plan: there will be a service that calculate what you are going to eat and estimate the quantities and make the shopping in accordance to it this week you and your family will eat these meals this is what you need and these are the quantities you need in order not to make food expire. It will be much cheaper for families and good for the environment since production could be better controlled and much wasting would be avoided. - How will the demands for customizing the amount of good purchased affect packaging? Every product that will arrive at our

Great to hear your opinion beatricetedeschi. How could you transform them into a submission as well? Would love to see some ideas coming out of your thoughts! ;)

Best, Olof

Hi Beatrice! Welcome and thank you so much for sharing your point of view! Great insights! :) I think a lot of what you write is related to the major issue of food waste – and waste in general – which needs to be promptly addressed. Online shopping, personal food shopping and food delivery are already big in many countries. Just few examples, which may be familiar already (https://www.foodora.com, http://www.tesco.com/). Can we figure out a way to design bags in materials that are sustainable and a great alternative to ? See this for instance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21lYo9kIsJQ, which was just awarded the Lexus Design Award 2016.

Also, one think that I always like to point out is to keep in mind that technology is here to serve and help human beings live better, not to take over our lives. Think about the movie "She". If you watched it, how did you feel about it? And if you haven't, I strongly recommend you and anybody reading this to watch it. Personally I believe that as human beings we NEED to connect and feel other beings. We need to go to restaurants and shops just to be a part of it and experience other people around us. It's part of our nature as human beings!
Your comment was cut at the end in "How will the demands for customizing the amount of goods purchased affect packaging?" Can you please continue with your view here too. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your idea and more inspiration coming! :) Cheers, Veronica

Dear creatives!

Thank you everyone who has submitted their work so far. It is exciting to see that the topic is so dear to many of you, from all the corners of the world!

Here is some inspiration for the weekend.

If you have any suggestion or thought that you'd like to share with the other creatives, the comment section below is just right for that. Looking forward to more ideas!

Warm greetings from Italy! Veronica

Hello! During my search on food waste, i have been thinking ... how long can we store our food? Here is a website: http://www.eatbydate.com.

Hello LKK! Thank you so much for sharing!

Great resource! Generally speaking it is also always wise to use common sense. If the food has expired but tastes still good, why not eat it? :)

Cheers, Veronica

Dear Creatives,

Thank you for the great submissions so far!

I have an exciting announcement for you: Next week on Wednesday, May 18th we will have the halftime feedback for the Future of Food Crowdstorm. If you submit before then, you could be selected to win a trip to Europe's Creative Capital! Discover Berlin over 5 days, including a 2-day innovation journey together with some of Europe's most prominent future of food experts and top-level decision-makers from the world's biggest food and beverage brands. Eat and drink to the future, and try some of the newest trends and get inspired by the city that never sleeps.

Looking forward to building the future with you!

Cheers, Veronica

Dear Creatives,

Hope you are all doing great! :)

You may have seen that there are some ideas in the project marked as #spark submitted by Sparky. Sparky is a creative profile managed by jovoto, that will add simple, fresh '#sparks to the project. #Sparks submitted by Sparky are open to be developed by everyone, at any time. Sparky’s ideas are meant to be taken into different directions, by different creatives. By choosing a spark and developing it further, you have the same chance as any other participant to win any of the awards and you get to keep the full amount earned. Sweet deal, right? ;)

I also wanted to remind you that tomorrow Wednesday 18th at 5 PM (CEST) is the last chance to win the special experience award to Berlin. If you haven't submitted your idea yet, it's your time to do it!

Get sparked and good luck! :)

Best, Veronica

Dear Community,

Hope you are doing great! The halftime feedback is up under the brief. Check it out and see how to develop your idea. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to comment here or get in touch privately! Tomorrow we are going to announce the winner to the special experience award.

Best, Veronica

Dear foodie futurists,

Today we can announce the winner of the “Ultimate Future of Food Experience in Berlin”. The winner is *drumroll*…Renzo Vallejo for his idea HOMELYHere’s the motivation:Homely is a simple idea with great potential to transform consumer behaviour on a larger scale and recognizes where current social trends are heading. The idea that you can simply connect with someone in India when you want to cook an Indian meal, or run your own cooking reality show, really impressed the jury. Great job Renzo!

We are very eager to see your ideas develop further and new ideas come in as we move ahead. Have a look at the halftime feedback above in the briefing to get some guidance on what the jury is looking for.

Best, Veronica


Got to love your enthusiasm Xavier, always appreciated! ;)

Always nice to see your enthusiasm Xavier! ;) It wasn't actually easy to choose: lots of great projects have been presented so far!

We really look forward to seeing how you guys develop your ideas further! Great work everybody! :)

Dear foodie creatives,

Today I would like to remind you about some of the awards you can win by participating to this challenge: 1) BEST FEEDBACK AWARD €200 for helping other creatives improve their ideas with outstanding feedback 2) BEST COLLABORATION AWARD €300 for creatives who join forces with other jovotans and collaborate in developing the project together 3) BEST NEWCOMER'S AWARD €200 for users who are new on jovoto and have not won any prizes yet

You can read more about awards in FAQ. As always if you have any question, don't hesitate to comment here!

Good luck and enjoy the process!

Best, Veronica

Hello creatives!

A new inspirational blogpost entitled 5 Major Trends Shaping What We Eat has been published on the Creatives blog. You can check it out HERE.

Hope this inspires you in developing your ideas further! We are really looking forward to more ideas coming up as we move ahead!

Best, Veronica

Dear foodie futurists!

You may have seen that there are couple of new ideas in the project marked as #spark submitted by Sparky. Sparky is a creative profile managed by jovoto, that will add simple, fresh '#sparks to the project. These two #sparks are: Snap & Snack - Calorie Tracker could help you track what you eat to help you reach your goals and stay healthy. How could an app be developed?Functional Foods is food used as a brain enhancement and to support well-being and performance. How can its packaging and marketing strategy be designed? Which app could be developed?

#Sparks submitted by Sparky are open to be developed by everyone, at any time. Sparky’s ideas are meant to be taken into different directions, by different creatives. By choosing a spark and developing it further, you have the same chance as any other participant to win any of the awards and you get to keep the full amount earned. Awesome, right? :)

We are going to add more #sparks next week. So stay tuned for more!

Have a creative and inspiring weekend! Veronica

Hi, Veronica! I have an idea,can I use pictures with other resources for the presentation?

Hello Maria! Great to hear you have an idea! :) Yes, of course you can use pictures! We definitely encourage you to focus more on visual elements than text. Always remember to credit the author of pictures and resources in your presentation. Hope this answer your question. Shall you have any more doubts please let me know! :)

Looking forward to your project! Cheers, Veronica

Dear foodie futurists,

Less than one month left till the end of this challenge. Hope you are all excited about working on your ideas! :) Today I would like to remind you about some of the awards you can win by participating to this challenge:

COMMUNITY PRIZES determined by the votes of your fellow community members and distributed as follow: €750 1st place €600 2nd place €500 3rd - 5th place €250 6th - 10th place €100 11th - 20th place

JURY PRIZES decided by our Future of Food and Beverages Jury. The Jury Award are: 2 x €1,000

As always if you have any question, don't hesitate to let me know!

Best, Veronica

Hello creatives!

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board to get your inspired on the future of food and beverages. See it here!

Looking forward to seeing how you develop your projects! Best, Veronica

Dear Creators,

You may have seen that there are couple of new ideas in the project marked as #spark submitted by Sparky. Sparky is a creative profile managed by jovoto, that will add simple and fresh #sparks to the project. These two #sparks are: #spark: My Bar - All the nutrition you need: a bar designed to providing you with the nutrients you are missing, whatever your diet is. I would personally love this product, wouldn't you?! No need to take extra pills or supplements: a bar is designed to suits my needs and delivered to my home. Check it out HERE.#spark: Sweet Tooth - Stop eating sweets for good: what a pain for many! We know sugar is not good for our body but we can't help eating it. Well, this time may be over. It may be you designing a new way to stop eating sweets! Check it out HERE.

#Sparks submitted by Sparky are open to be developed by everyone, at any time. By choosing a spark and developing it further, you have the same chance as any other participant to win any of the awards and you get to keep the full amount earned. Cool deal, isn't it? ;)

Have a creative day! Good luck!

Best, Veronica

Hi guys! This goes to the jury team/guides.

In the attempt of developing more of my concept, it got me thinking about what the future really means in this case. In another project happening now here on Jovoto, which also has a future sort of approach, it briefs us with a more specific range. Something like: think of an idea within "2/3 years to implementation" (easier to find references from different industries IMO) or even an "open approximately time to implementation" (open to create a concept from scratch, although harder to do it so at the same time IMO).

Could you talk a bit more about it? I mean, if there is no reference in tech or development anywhere, is it ok? What's the level of feasibility needed and the weight of it in your evaluation? Concept beats visual design if it's a physical product?

Just to be clear, this is not criticism, but an open talk to make thing clearer - for me, at least hehe. I do not know if I'm missing something on the brief or if this questions are helpful to others, but it would be a lot to me :) if I missed something in the brief, I'm sorry.


Good one Rodrigo! the idea i proposed was very future oriented (maybe 7-10years), i don't think it can be implemented in 2-3 years from now. But that's what i got from the brief. And yes like you, i would love to know the jury's opinion on that. cheers :)

Cool, remake1990!

If I can add a different example, there was another project recently that aimed for the future of an industry by 2022. When the community vote came, we were advised to "Do not rate the technical feasibility or the product design but rather rate the concept in relation to the requirements" - words from the project guide -, although I feel the client's choice did exactly the opposite.

Anyways, hope it's a constructive question :)

please, as I cannot edit my comment, do not consider the part when I say what I felt about the client's choice, it's irrelevant for the general (above) question and only a personal opinion. I just brought that example because it also asked for a vision (brief) of the future and a clear statement about what should be considered when evaluating an idea.

Thank you and have a great week :)

Hi Rodirgo!

I see why you ask this question. We did not want to put a time frame in terms of the future because we thought it would be limiting for you guys in this case. And We wanted to keep it open and let you interrupt the future yourself so if it’s 5,10 or 20 years, it’s up to you. The further into the future of course, the harder it gets.

However, to help you create a frame around the endless future, consumption is the most important guideline to keep in mind. This document will also help you by asking you relevant questions on the topic of consumption.

I hope this helps you so you can get started on your ideas! The sparks is also a great way to get going of course. Have a look at Sparky’s profile and if you see an idea you find interesting, take it to the next level and submit it as a new idea.

Let me know if anything is unclear still.

Best, Olof

Hej Olof!

I understand. Maybe, in the attempt of making it more practical, would you talk about this questions I asked in the original post?

"If there is no reference in tech or development anywhere, is it ok? What's the level of feasibility needed and the weight of it in your evaluation? Concept beats visual design if it's a physical product?"

Would be awesome, specially because 5 years can make a huge difference, right?



You mean if your idea is completely unrelated to what's actually possible today? I think you should always back up your idea with evidence that it's possible somehow. And if it's not possible today, argue why you think it will be in the future by adding relevant trends and such. It does not have to be 100% feasible. We want you to show us where the future are heading with your concept.

"Concept beats visual design if it's a physical product?" - Could you explain what you mean here please? :)

Best, Olof

Perfect! Understood. For the other question, no need. I thought more about it and it's not a doubt anymore hehe

Thank you Olof! Good talk as always :)

Hello Rodrigo and remake1990!

Thank you so much for your feedback! We value them as much as we hope you value ours when we comment your projects.
We will address your question with the jovoto team and we will get back to you soon. Hopefully answering all the doubts you have.

Thank you and have a great week too! :) Veronica

Awesome, Veronica! Thank you! And absolutely! I'm a huge fan of feedbacks as well, top3 tool for great work ;)

Talk soon!

Hello Creatives! Hope you are doing great!

There are three new ideas in the project marked as #spark submitted by Sparky. Sparky is a creative profile managed by jovoto, that will add fresh new #sparks to the project. These three #sparks are: Coocklist - Shopping list 2.0: an application that works like a shopping list 2.0. Never forget again to purchase the food items you need and make shopping easier and faster. Have an idea to contribute with? Foodshare - Share it with your neighbour: a platform where people can share what they cook and invite neighbours over. Eventually this is a damn good reason to build a cosy community around you and reduce food waste!Foodopia - The supermarket of the future: a new supermarket that addresses the major issues of our time. How would you design it? Where would it be? How can new technology create a new experience for consumers? It's your chance to propose your supermarket of the future!

#Sparks submitted by Sparky are open to be developed by everyone, at any time. Sparky’s ideas are meant to be taken into different directions, by different creatives. By getting inspired by one and deciding to develop it further, you have the same chance as any other creative to win any of the awards and you get to keep the full amount earned.

Less than two weeks are left till the end of this challenge, be sure to make the best of it! :)

Cheers, Veronica

Hey Food Futurists!

A new blogpost is out! You can read it HERE! This time we explored HOW and WHERE we eat based on 5 major trends: Buy local, grow local,‘Ah! The good old times!’, Tech Food, Food Design and Healthonism.

Amongst others, you can find new restaurant concepts, a smart table and the home juicer that's supposed to revolutionise home juicing! Enjoy the read and get inspired for your projects! :)

Good luck and keep up the great work! Veronica

Hello LKK1511!

Thanks for sharing more examples! I agree with you Japanese are really clever in making the best out of little space. I also like the branding very much! Shame there is so much plastic used for the packaging, though! :( Any thought or solution that could be more sustainable? How do you use this inspiration for your own project?

Cheers! Veronica

Hi Rodrigo!

Thanks for sharing!

The Regen Villages case has gone viral on the internet once FastCoExist wrote an article about it. It's an interesting case that combines urban farming, sustainability and community building by addressing the major issue of food waste. It couldn't be a better and more contemporary example, also considering the major trends highlighted in the blogposts HERE and the one shared above HERE.

What do you think? Is it an easy model to replicate in many countries and sustainable in the long run?

Best, Veronica

Yeah, had the article's tab pinned, but have only checked recently :)

I have a feeling it's a more urban sort of village, if that's possible. Like a mix from villages from our past with a contemporary approach. I wonder how they are going to raise animal and make it available, for example - considering it's not a vegan community. And also how the people in the community are going to be involved with the whole system.

I think it's very interesting, really hope it works.


Hi Rodrigo!

It will be interesting to learn how they will blend existing architecture (if applicable) with new buildings that are designed to fulfill certain objectives! Also, as you mention, how people are involved within the community, but also with the outside of the community, especially in terms of economical impact. I really like the model they are trying to build and how they considered existing problems to figure out sustainable solutions!

Cheers! Veronica

Good points! Just adding one I find really important: I hope it doesn't cost a fortune to live in a place like this. I don't know how is the situation in other places, specially big cities, but here in Sao Paolo/Brazil, organic food (the closest category I thought to put this initiative in) it's going absurdly high in price. I won't even mention real estate hehe


How many ideas can we submit?

Hi oxelot!

Thanks for your question. There is no limit! Of course, submit as many as you feel you can submit and develop!

Good luck! Veronica

Dear Food Futurists,

Hope you are doing great! We got some feedback from you that you felt the brief was a bit too broad so we sat down with the jovoto founder, Bastian Unterberg to clarify a couple of things, which are summed up in this VIDEO. Here, Bastian clarifies:

Who's the client? - Major brands in the food & beverages industry and previous jovoto clients within this field. Have a look who jovoto has worked with before and think about what solutions would benefit them!

How far ahead into the future should you aim for? - We wanted to let you interpret the future and therefore, we left it open. But to help guide you, think about ideas that can be relevant and realized within 3-7 years.

What will happen with all your ideas? - All your ideas will be presented to top decision makers in the food & beverages industry and jovoto previous clients within this field. The top ideas will also be exhibited during an innovation journey focusing on the future of food & beverages during the fall in Berlin. A great opportunity to show your work in front of decision makers and have the opportunity to get licensed by a major brand!

Shall you have any question, please let us know!

We really hope this will help you push your ideas in the remaining week!

Best, Veronica

Hello Food Futurists!

Hope all is great with you!

I would just like to remind you that there are only 6 days and some hours left till the final deadline for submission, which will be on 22nd of June at 5 PM (CEST). If you have an innovative idea that you want to present to the community either by yourself or teaming up with other creatives, this is the time to do it! If you submitted an idea long ago and haven't had time to develop it further yet, we are really looking forward to your updates.

It's a joy to see ideas flourishing and the community is here to support you grow and contribute with an innovative project for the future of food and beverages! It's time for the final creative push! :)

Good luck! Best, Veronica

Hello Creatives! Hope you had an inspiring and productive weekend! Well done on the ideas submitted over the past couple of months!

We're only couple of days away from the final submission time, this Wednesday 5 PM (CEST). This means that it's not only the last time to submit your idea as a solo creative or in team, but also to give feedback to other creatives, so that they can improve their idea. Keep in mind that there is an award for this as well! ;)

If you updated your project recently and would like more feedback, please comment below so I know that I should take a further look! :)

Best of luck!

Cheers, Veronica

Hi foodie futurists!

I got some good news for you! The jury meeting will take place in the beginning of July so we have decided to give you another week to work on your concepts and to submit new ones! Some of you requested to have some more time and since there is a week in between the jury meeting and the submission deadline (22nd of June), we see no reason not to give you that time to work on your ideas. The deadline for submissions is now the 29th of June, 17.00 (GMT+2).

However, I will not be your creative guide for the remaining time, Olof will take over from Thursday and give feedback on your ideas. But until then I will be active and give all of you my last feedback!

Good luck everyone and looking forward to seeing your ideas develop further, let me know if you have any questions!

Cheers, Veronica

Thank you Veronica:)

Hello Vitiz! I'm also sad to leave you at this point of the challenge. It's been a pleasure! Thank you so much for your kind words! I know everybody will do their best before the deadline next week! :)

Best, Veronica

Thank you joyleen!

Yeah at least my ranking fell down a lot after guide changing. Not so big surprise ;)

Now I know why this overtime ;)

..one more evidence ÿour mathematical monitoring is just fairytale!

it is ridiculous how you manipulated voting results there.

over 4 years ago

Dear Veronica,Thank you so much :)Mahe

Hi foodies!

I will be taking over the guiding from today. This is a topic that is close to my heart (and stomach). Super excited to dive into this project and look at your ideas and give you feedback that hopefully will help you develop them in the right direction. I've talked to people in the jury and with the people here at jovoto & Ignore Gravity that initiated this project to get an idea of what they are looking for and that's what I will base my feedback on.

Looking at the ideas at a glance, the first thing I noticed is that there are a bunch of great ideas on the topic of food, and not so many in the beverage area. I think this area is super interesting with a lot of untapped potential, especially when it comes to packaging design!

Let me know if you have any questions or if you want me to have a look at your idea and give you feedback. Let's do this! ;D

Best, Olof

". Super excited to dive into this project and look at your ideas and give you feedback that hopefully will help you develop them in the right direction" Are you kidding Olof? You skipped all my projects!!!

..It helps a lot ;)

I will get to you Skybre, bare with me! :)

Just a quick bit of feedback: I wish the project brief was a bit more clear on the target audience, and how far out we should be aiming.

The Target Group section in the brief clearly states that the ideas should be designed for "your children and your children’s children, in other words, the consumers of the future" -- that's easily 25+ years into the future. But the video from Jovoto's founder posted last week says that ideas should be implementable in the next 3-7 years, and that 10 years out is too far.

Could Jovoto please clarify definitely what the real target is? I think the problem is that some of us have been thinking about designing for our children's children, while others are thinking about 3-7 year into the future. So there's a big difference in the types of ideas being submitted and the way we feel they should be rated.


Hi toutvabien,

Good question! We made that video to clarify that particular part of the brief. With "your children and your children’s children" we simply meant the future in general, since whatever you create today will affect them. To develop ideas 25+ years ahead is a major challenge and in today's world where everything is changing so rapidly, very hard to predict.

3-7 years ahead is what you should aim for. That way we think we will end up with the most interesting and adaptable result.

Hope that answers your question toutvabien and sorry for any confusion!

Best, Olof

Many thanks, Olof - much appreciated.

If the brief could be updated in the future to be consistent with these clarifications, it would be great. It's easy to miss updates in the comments here sometimes, since there are a lot of voices and conversations going on at once.

Great project to work on! I hope you and your clients are happy where it ended up. This was a fun one!

Sorry toutvabien, I missed that you had replied here. For sure we will, sorry for any confusion and thanks for pointing it out!

All the best to you, Olof

Hi guys! 2 hours until the deadline! go Go GO!

Great to see new ideas still coming in, looking forward to see where we end up! :D

Best, Olof

What a great way to end a day! Thanks to everyone who have participated, commented, discussed, gave feedback and submitted great ideas that shows how the future of food & beverages might look. There is a bunch of super cool ideas in there!

SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED And you can now sit back and enjoy all ideas and give them your fairest ratings. Make sure to rate as many ideas as possible, that way we end up with the fairest result. With your ratings, you decide who wins the community awards, place 1-20!

There you go, let's rate! :P

Best, Olof

Thank YOU joyleen, thanks for you great effort in this exciting project. :D

Win the fairest rater award!

The community prizes are the outcome of the collaborative opinion of our community, and it is based on your ratings. We encourage fair rating behaviour by awarding the community member with the fairest ratings in each project.

How is the fairest rater decided? After the project guide has evaluated all ratings in a project (during the so called “Monitoring” phase of a project), the creative whose ratings are the closest to the collaborative opinion of the community will be rewarded €200.

Happy rating everyone! :D Olof


Until 17.00 today (GMT+2) you can rate ideas. Still plenty of time to go through all ideas and give them your fairest rating. Keep the rating parameters "Innovation" & "On brief" in mind when rating.

Very curious to see where we end up! Olof

This rating period only is now over!

Thanks to everyone who have rated, commented and submitted great ideas. This means that this project now enters rating monitoring. During rating monitoring, we will have a look at all ratings to make sure that the rating process has been fair. Don't be surprised if your idea moves up or down in places once we present the final result, it's natural and a result of the rating monitoring process. The final results of the community awards will be presented next week.

Stay tuned until then and thanks again to all of you who participated, it was a pure pleasure to see all ideas and follow the development!

Best, Olof

Dear foodturists,

I got some exciting news…Today we can announce the community winners! Here’s the creatives who you have all decided deserve to be rewarded for their outstanding work: - ELDA by Bogdan Tanase-Marinescu - homely by Renzo Vallejo - VINTAGE GARDEN by Milan Katic & Dragos Radisavljevic - Seed to Food by Hsuan Hui Lin - ShoppingMadeEasy by wildyracing - Smartnutricity by joyleen - HUMBLE FOOD by LKK1511 - CO-FARMING by Milan Katic & Dragos Radisavljevic - Smart Food Container by Rodrigo Hardin - Agreekculture by Anna Maria Triantafyllidi - Nu3Bar by Anna mariya_vasileva - Yoomie App by Isis Ordoñez Iván Oñate - MetaFlavor by toutvabien - So Food. So Close & So Good by Justin Raymond Merino, Per Zennström, Lisi, cindybeuhlah & Celia Rako. Crowdsourced Farms by Celina Cabral Ejo.app by designmeagain REGIONAL DIGITAL by richardwilhelmer intelligent bottle crate by lemo Future Kitchen: An Integrated Cooking Cycle by Renzo Vallejo NooDrops by Tomás Azoubel Lima & Ana Paula Riotto Marques

The Best Feedback Award goes to James Brooks for contributing with great feedback and suggestion to a bunch of ideas. Great work James and keep on sharing your knowledge!

The Collaboration Award goes to Isis Ordoñez & Iván Oñate for their idea Yoomie App. Isis and Iván even put together a video to present their idea. Great job guys!

The Fairest Rater Award goes to LKK1511! With his 129 ratings (he rated almost every idea) LKK1511 came the closest (and impressively close) to the final results of the community voting (after monitoring). great job, LKK1511!

The Newcomer Award goes to Veronika Demovicova for her idea “ELEMENTS water food energy”. This was Veronicas first (pretty impressive!) idea on jovoto and she has not won any other awards on jovoto so far. Welcome to the community, hope to get to see more of your work in the future!

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who participated in this first Crowdstorm on the topic of future of food & beverages, there will be more crowdstorms on the topic in the near future. Stay tuned for more information about that and the jury’s choice later this week.

All the best, Olof

Outstanding results, I am very impressed!! Great job to all creatives and the jovoto team!

Best of luck to all of you with the Jury's Choice!

Big congratulation to all winners in this very interesting croudstorm ! so many great and well developed concepts for the future..., good luck to all for the Jury Awards!!

Congratulation guys:)

Congratulations to everyone participating! Great job guys and girls!

Congratulations to all winners! All ideas really awesome! Well done!

Congratulations to everyone!! It was a very nice experience!

Congratulations to everyone!

Hi everyone!

Just an update, the jury's choice award will be announced on Thursday this week. Stay tuned! :D

Best, Olof


Today I can announce the two jury award winners! The jury of entrepreneurs, food designers, Michelin star chefs, professors & spirits experts have had a look at your ideas and concepts for the future of food and beverages and this is the two ideas that stood out the most to them,*drumroll*…

This is what the jury had to say about the idea and why they picked it:The Food Park is not just one concept, it’s basically a gathering of exciting ideas and future food visions related to food-production, consumption, education and culture. How can we shift food cultivation and production into our cities? „The Food Park“ is an exciting and futuristic approach, which stands out due to its participatory aspect.”

This is what the jury had to say about the idea and why they picked it:We love the idea of having a virtual personal farmer who helps you to start growing your own food without having to feel silly about not knowing how to start. The direct feedback through the gadget helps you to understand in every stage what specific crops need in order to grow. In this way Civifarm lowers the threshold to start growing your own food and speeds up the personal learning curve of becoming a knowledgeable independent farmer. We see the boundaries between percentages and consumers dwindle not only in the food and beverage sector. "Civifarm" turns users into producers and changes consumers into a community. A pioneering idea that accompanies a paradigm shift.

A big round of applause to Vito & Italo for impressing the jury with their ideas and vision of the future. And thanks to everyone who participated and made this first Crowdstorm on the future of food & beverages a great success! More projects on the same topic to come in the near future, stay tuned!

All the best to all of you, Olof

That's unbelievable! Thank you all for the support and the juri for the kind words :)

Congratulation guys!!

Grazie! Thank you so much ! This award makes me proud and motivates me to keep going.

I couldn't agree more. Congrats, Vito!

Thank YOU guys. Welcome to the community, seems like you both found jovoto through this project! ;D Looking forward to see more of your great work.

Best, Olof

Big congratulations to you both!

Hi everyone!

We got an exciting Crowdstorm running with adidas, Freudenberg & more which might be interesting to some of you foodies and innovators! You are invited you to create an exciting gastronomy concept and help shape the corporate campus food experience of the year 2025. Here’s a video that introduces the Crowdstorm.

Beyond the opportunity to earn from the €14 500 prize pool, this is a chance to add adidas and other big names to your clientele! Also, if you submit by halftime (21st of September), you will have the chance to earn one of two MacBook Pros with Retina display.

Join the crowdstorm here!

Have a great weekend now. :D

Best, Olof

Happy Monday!

In case you missed it, I wanted to invite all you future of food innovators to another "future of" crowdstorm: "Looking ForeWork." We've partnered with WIRED, adidas, Cisco, Vitra and more to ask YOU, the forward-thinkers, about your wants, worries and vision for your future work. The crowdstorm runs to the end of January, but if you submit by tonight (00:00 CET) you could earn a special surprise holiday award! Remember, you can submit a "seed" of an idea before it is fully developed!

Start envisioning your future and submit!

Just message me if you have any questions :) Alex

Hi there,

In case you missed it, we have another "Future of" crowdstorm running with a €20 000 award pool that you might be interested in.

Our partners are looking for problems, solutions, technologies, and user experiences that might exist in the workspace of 2025. Check it out for your chance to earn, get flown to Berlin, and present your ideas to major brands like WIRED, adidas, Volkswagen, and more!

Let us know if you have any questions! Alex

Hi food & beverages innovators!

Next week on the 29th of March at 19.00 marks the opening of the “Future of Food” exhibition that will be exhibited in the Betahaus cafe in Berlin for one month. It's a selection of some of the ideas that you submitted to give people an idea of what the future of food and beverages will look like.

For those of you who can join us at the Betahaus Cafè next week, after the exhibition we will host our first jo·network event where we will talk about "How to launch and fund your side project". We have invited two creatives from the platform who have both successfully launched and funded their side projects on Kickstarter to talk about how they did it and share insights and learnings so you can do the same!

More details about the events can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1853157804899979/


Hope to see some of you next week! Olof