InVitro is way to bring first in vitro produced products to the consumer


Food produced out of cell cultures and detached from traditional agriculture could be a great chance for future food industry. Specially lab cultured meat is a big issue since it has the potential to decrease animal suffer and reduce emissions. Because the in vitro technology can be perceived artificial and unnatural it is important to think about how to bring such products to the consumers.

Since meat is strongly associated with its natural origin, other products which are not directly related to their origin in consumers mind could be a much better option to get in touch with this new technology. A possible first product which could be launched is the InVitro tofu. The brand is directly linked to an information campaign and should show the consumer how this new way to produce plants and meat works. Important is the transparency and availability of easily understandable information. The design of the packaging is inspired by a veggie product line of a swiss retailer (

InVitro is an idea which I elaborated for a master module at the ZHAW (zurich university of applied sciences) during my study. For further information check out the blog I created during the module (unfortunately in German).

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