World Class Food from the Store to Your Plate
Interconnectivity and robotic technology will enable us to eat world class food in the home kitchen.


Grocery shopping and cooking will become obsolete. Increasing interconnectivity and robotic technology will not only save tremendous amount of our time spent in getting and preparing our food, but also enable us to eat world class food in the home kitchen.

Say you are at home and in the mood for certain dish. From a database you can download the recipe with movement analysis (recorded via video-scan) of a world-class chef. Your home computer will then sum up all ingredients you need and calculate each ingredients cost efficiency & quality in all nearby grocery stores. Your home drone will then fly to the grocery store(s), pickup your order and deliver it back to your home, handing it over to your built in kitchen robot that is able to cook the dish of your choice exactly as the world-class chef by copying his movements and measurements. You can keep working or relaxing and get great food for the best price/quality.