MikeMangialo / 3DFood Creative
Design & Create your own custom 3d printed cereals.


In the near future people and parents will be allowed to create and design 3d printed food for their children, in order to incentive healthy eating habits and strong growing patterns in a new didactic-fun way.

As an example of this, we will be able to see the born of a 3D printed cereal brand that will allow us to create 3D custom-cereals. Thanks to a friendly 3D design app interface that facilitates the modeling of geometric and organic shapes with different colors and textures and an intuitive ecommerce platform, children and parents will be able to create, design and buy their own personalized cereals. The design will include not only the creation of shapes , volumes, characters and objects but also the ability to determine what type of nutrients and additives are added in the #3dprintedmix to improve the healthy diet of their children.

Mike-Mangialo will have its 3D printed cereal distribution and ecommerce through all over the world.

Thanks to www.jannekyttanen.com to allow us to use his beatiful image in this future concept.