Crowdsourced Farms
Lease a small part of a local farm and have your own source of food helping local small producers.


You can grow and take your food directly from your local little farm!

Crowdsourced farms would be a common productive space, built and kept with the help of customers monthly rent and all managed in an online social platform, joining producers with customers.

Customers pay a monthly amount based on their needs, previously in their online profile and account. All profiles will define the range of food produced in the farm as well as all producers involved.

Your bill would be calculated by the costs of the farm maintenance, products, workers involved and logistics. As the farm is kept by the tenants money, the costs would be divided by all. If the number of subscribers increase, the costs would gradually decrease comparing to the supermarkets, for example. The focus of the project would be the local small producers and how we could help to improve small local business by selling directly to the final consumer. Consumers would be able to "invest" to have some possible seasonal goods, all guided by the farm possibilities, in a sustainable way. The lease idea brings to small producers more investment to grow something and have the guarantee that it will be a final customer without any re-seller in between, and they would receive a fair payment for their products.

All the technology involved was thought to connect the two sides: who produces and the final consumer. Your online profile can be built with your consuming habits and the number of people in your house. You will receive a weekly delivery with the items grown in your farm, in the right quantity for all your family. You can also follow your farm performance with an customized app, with alerts and trending news from your farm.

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