How will digitalization impact how and what we eat in the future?


When people ask me how would I describe the world we are living today, there is one thing that almost immediately pops into my mind: we are “plugged-in” 24/7. Everything is either digitalized or on the way to become digitalized. Jobs we used to know yesterday are today at the edge of the extinction, and those which, luckily for them, still exist are facing huge transformation and adaption to the time of extreme digitalization. Think about it. Company Uber took advantage of their understanding of “plugged-in” generation and build a world-wide empire entirely on one mobile application. Because of them, taxi services, public transportation and other traditional transportation services are taking a great hit day after day. Let’s talk about banks. Ever heard of bit coins? Do you really think we will still be going to banks 10 years from now? I wouldn’t be so sure. There is no industry immune to the process of digitalization and food industry in no exception. We are living much faster than people used to decades ago. Today we barely have the time to eat, let alone cook. Therefore, I prevision that most of the food we will consume will be bought online and delivered to our current location. Traditional shopping as we know it today will completely fade away. Development of smart wear will have huge impact on digitalization of food industry. I think that smart watches and smart bands will be able to measure our vitamin, carbohydrate, fat and protein level. When our body will need more vitamins or carbohydrates to function on the peak level our smart devices will inform us and give suggestion on meal we should eat. After giving us suggestions, our smart wear will be able to order meal for us to our current location taken from google maps.
Fast living will continue in the future so we will most probably eat on the run, in the office, in the park, everywhere. In the sharp contrast to what many people believe, I think we will be aware of the benefits of organic food and tech