Nutritrans – Let’s Feed the World TOGETHER
Nutritrans is a StartUp which transforms knowledge to share it with the poorest


The idea of Nutritrans is not elaborated very far yet. The basic idea is to reduce mal nutrition in regions of our planet where people are poor and several essential nutrients are bare. Because of the local approach the goal of the project is to enable these regions to produce their own food which matches the needs of the people living there. If poor areas are able to help them self by use of materials which are currently available there, the long term effect will be much bigger than just sending them manufactured products which partly not even match their real needs and demands.

The future of food and specially the whole digitalization will give us the potential to create a real impact. It will increase our knowledge in field of food production, to make it more efficient and applicable for everybody. It is a chance to create real impact and change the world. Nobody should stay hungry just because he/she was born in the wrong place.

I’m looking really forward to get some inspiring hints, questions, remarks or feedback in any form of this great environment here on jovoto 