Future Kitchen: An Integrated Cooking Cycle
An integrated cooking cycle with four stations: preservation, cooking, recycling and printing


One of the main problems today regarding the act of cooking at home is food waste and lack of will to cook, due to time scarcity and low skills of cooking. The kitchen is now formed by a fridge, a stove, a faucet, a dishwasher and several other appliances. In the future, all of these will be combined in a single space An integrated cooking cycle made up of a four stations: preservation, cooking, recycling and printing. The food preservation part will categorize food ingredients and separate them from packaging. Its self-cleanning capabilities will preserve ingredients in an optimal way as it measures levels of decomposition. This way it can recommend how to use in a more efficient way what is available. The smart cooking station will self cook depending on the user level. All the waste then goes to the recycling station. Here, packaging and food turns into fuel and material to reuse in the printing station, like 3D printed tableware.