NooDrops is a kitchen gadget that 3D prints custom nootropics based on data gathered from you.


NooDrops is a kitchen gadget that 3D prints custom nootropics based on data gathered from you.

Converging the innovation of health data collection tools, molecular-level 3D printing and the nootropic smart supplements trend into a practical kitchen gadget.

1 - Sync health data such as DNA analyses, daily check-ups, and fitness levels from partners such as 23andMe / FitBit / Apple Health. NooDrops will create a profile that understands your overall health status and limits. Through the app, NooDrops will load your life data and customize its creations to your profile.

2 - Load your NooDrops with its source materials. NooDrops source materials will be custom combined to create specific NooDrops for your lifestyle.

3 - Option 1: Choose an existing template to create a NooDrop. Enhance sleep, focus, memory, awareness and many other feelings through custom nootropics. Option 2: Customize your own NooDrop to suite specific needs. Once you get the gist of the templates, you can craft your own to your specific needs. Option 3: Choose an Optimized Nutrition NooDrop .Feel a flu coming? Need more calcium? Vitamins? Maybe fibers? NooDrops has got your back.

4 - Just press the button and your NooDrop will be created. For example: SleepyTime Drop: Melatonin and L-Theanine combo for catching some Z’s. TestTaker Drop: Omega-3, caffeine and Pramicetaram for crushing those finals. Fitness Drop: BCAAs and EAAs will help you regenerate those muscles. Zen Drop: Aniracetam will make you meditate like a guru in no time.

NooDrops will also send you notifications using data gathered from wearable tech, recommending drops you might need - before you need them.

Through NooDrops, we will be able to engineer products with brain-boosting capacities and zero side effects, tailor made to our bodies individual profiles.