The "GREEN crop" project
Imagine a world where growing fresh, organic crops is easy and accessible to everyone.


The "GREEN crop" project uses technology to make our environment smarter than we are. This project is a self sustaining greenhouse, that uses technology to provide fresh, local crops to the masses. It is delivered to your door, is easy to set up, and is equipped with sensory technology that links to temperature, movement, & light to make taking care of your crops as simple as playing a game on your Iphone! All you have to do is the following:

Step 1) Determine what size greenhouse you want & what crops you want to eat Step 2) Easy set up takes 10 minutes to set up - this set up time is inclusive of all sizes! Step 3) Make sure you include light & water technology in the structures of the house. This step is important so your greenhouse is able to self regulate. Step 4) Link greenhouse to your device Step 5) Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for everyone at little cost! No one will go hungry, and the world will be on it's way to healthier living.

This program is starting in schools, however, we see this as expanding to playgrounds, parks, rooftops, and neighborhoods streets around the world. This system provides organic vegetable and fruits to grow at everyone's fingertips. This is for the single mother who works full time, and isn't able to pack her child's lunch, however, she knows that feeding her child veggies that are "GMO FREE" are a MUST!!