fooded it’s a blind date with your next favourite restaurant!


apparently strange, fooded is actually a smart rating system for restaurants which extends the food restoration experience from peer-to-peer. You go to a restaurant, you enjoy a healthy meal, you rate the place and you dare one friend to try it. That friend has be fooded! by you, and in 72h he has to go and have try it. For the whole thing, you both get a discount on the meal, you and your friend and also enjoy an amazing meal! The restaurant doubles the clientele in less than 72h.

Gen X, the arising generation of consumers from 10 to 17 years old base their consumption patterns on: - social trust (based on peer reference) - game (engagement through reward) - participation (be part of a bigger thing) - awareness (I know therefore I am)

you’ve got fooded! is our motto, therefore it’s on you to bring the game on. Fooded is not only a different approach to restoration but also to social interaction about food. Much more than a blunt rating system, it’s a chain reactor of building an ethical consumption system for peer-to-peer. The mission of fooded is to become extandable also to other food chain stages, like home harvesting.

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