Replenish ME
Idea is basically of a self driven grocery replenishing system


Average consumer spends about 45 minutes in supermarkets on weekends for filling up weekly stock. Around 38 minutes is spent to fill up fresh stock on weekdays. Introducing, Replenish Me which will periodically,automatically fill up grocery at home. Replenish Me system will have database having information of number of family members, their demography to decide what and how much goods need to be ordered. Grocery list will be prepared and on first usage approval will be taken by system for confirming goods in the list. Periodically system will have information of how much goods are over and how much more need to be refilled. System database will have user’s online browsing/YouTube history, facebook/social profile integrated. For example if any food related YouTube video is marked as favorite, system will remind/ask if that raw material needs to be ordered. System can detect special occasions like birthdays /anniversary/beginning of holidays. Considering example of a birthday, system will intelligently understand that cake will be baked. It will search for favorite /liked /most popular cake recipe in YouTube. From the ingredient ratio mentioned in the description, system will calculate how much quantity of raw material like eggs/milk is present at home and how much more needs to be ordered. System will be integrated with medical database of family members and the intelligent algorithm will recognize if any special care needs to be taken in food habits if some family members are suffering from certain disease. Considering example of a diabetic patient, system will order less sugar/search from recipes for diabetic patients. System can intelligently calculate if it is a holiday season and family member may go out for vacation so system will not order grocery for particular week after confirmation. Also command can be given if guests are coming; grocery can be accordingly replenished depending upon number of guest .Also from social profile of the guest, favorite food

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