Idea behind vintage garden is to raise social conciseness regarding unnecessary food waste and responsible and organic consumption.

Nowadays, the enormous quantity of food is being thrown away every day, while plenty of people is starving.

In the age of modern communications the app like vintage garden can help raising conciseness regarding global famine, food waste and responsible consumption.

Through the app, members will be able to monitor how the plant is grown from the seed, and create a bond with the nature.

Subsequently members can learn to enjoy food responsibly, grow as much as they need for their realistic consumption, donate any surplus they have and save the seeds and re-plant or share with members.

To begin each subscriber will get 3-5 organic seeds in the first month, and n turn he will have to share his seeds with new coming members.

The app will give instructions on how to carefully grow plants from seeds and create small organic gardens. Members will be able to share, like and comment on each others’ progress.After a plant life cycle completion members will be able to exchange seeds amongst each other (no cash exchange will be possible)

The app will keep track of ones food consumption patterns and in turn suggest the amount that one needs to plant and pick.

Another important aspect of Vintage Garden will be the creation of "food parties". All of the extra food (not necessarily only the one from the seeds given by the app/community, so not only vegetables, but also meet, fish, diary product, etc.) that they have could be prepared in a meal or similar at their place. The " food party " option on the app can be checked, and other members, based on the distance/location, will be able to join. They could also bring any extra foods that they have(depending on whether the host needs that or not, it will be possible to see that on the app), and instead of trowing it away, the food will be eaten and shared amongst the community.