Effective nutrition to control your weight
what if we could attain the weight we want, and what if we could keep that weight no matter what?


the name BodyTronome comes from the metronome which is any device that produces regular, metrical ticks. Sure in the future, digitalization will have a great impact on what we eat. But how? i guess in the future if technology understands our bodies/metabolisms and categorize them into 5 or 10 categories, the 7 billion people will fall in one of these 5 or 10 body/metabolism types, and which means we can control the weight of our bodies no matter what happen thanks to a patch that we place in our belly that monitors our organs and to a mobile application!!! The patch can see what's being released in our organs and will analyze the the chemicals released and predict their effect on our weight and health and will provide suggestions on what to eat in the next meal. The benefit you get as consumer is that you can control your weight, say your weight now is 69kg and you want 59kg, the patch will study the chemicals that are being released in your body and by then will suggest the kind of food you should eat, of course it should know your metabolism profile first. Since we're talking future and we're talking digitalization, in my opinion i think it can be feasible. an innovation in diabetic disease called the artificial pancreas has the same concept, check out this article: http://www.healthtechevent.com/wearable-devices/artificial-pancreas-next-innovation-diabetes-care/ Besides who said we can control drones by our thoughts in 2016? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baEYCberLUA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHmviVqWOZg Activate Eng subtitles. So why not this?

To extend it even further, in the future food researchers will accompany this innovation, they will develop meals that are effective at each level of chemicals in our body. We will have meals that are effective in combating some diseases, for combating weight loss, or weight gain ... so the app will be VERY EFFECTIVE in suggesting what to eat after analyzing the chemicals being released by our organs.