intelligent bottle crate
intelligent bottle crate with app to deliver service


intelligent bottle crate with app to deliver service- Short description and see slides please 1. Deliver services for bottle crates are very important for comfort of people, having no time to drive to market, can not carry in home , have no car, service is local and sustainable 2. order the crates and there is a special gadget to detect the weight of the crate in connection with an app provided with local delivery service 3. the "crate gadget" show you on smartphone app the storage of crate(s) and reminds you to order new one when it is getting out of stock 4. you order online new crate 5. crate will be delivered in short time from the local delivery service that is the custumers comfort

I´m stll thinking of an extension of the app to make it also comfort to the delivery service. for example: the local orders are recognized and there is an automatically planned tour to deliver

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