ELDA is a mobile gagdet for live detection of edible life forms and drinking water in wilderness.


ELDA’s role is to help people find edible food and drinking water in wilderness and isolated parts of the world. Either you are in long journey into the mountains, or isolated in the wilderness, without food resources, ELDA will help you instantly detect edible mushrooms, plants, and any other life forms, giving you precise advices and informations regarding all these life forms: YES or NO for imediate consuming; hints on different types of edible life forms in your area, depending on the GPS positioning; contained substances and their role for the organism; time limits for their consumption. ELDA will have a permanent live connection with a huge and everchanging database of edible and non-edible life forms and also a memory based connection between all the other existing ELDA devices, thus being able to scan and make changing predictions of the same geographical micro-area in different times and climates.

ELDA will have 2 different extensions: ELDA Sale Points and ELDA Learning Hubs.

ELDA Sale Points could keep the collected wild vegetables for more than 10 days in a permanently cold ambient, for further consuming by other people. They will have a smart tracking system of the products inside and, through AI technologies, will offer predictions about how you, as a buyer, can consume every plant (different recipes where the wild plants can be integrated as an alternative ingredient), according to your own food habits and preferences.

ELDA Learning Hub will act as an educational network based on interactive gadgets, outdoor activities, eating classes, live conferences, experimental dinners and social media channels related to educate people of all ages about the importance of wild plants as a highly sustainable and healthy food source, foraging and its limits and connecting human to nature, through new technologies.

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