Edible package


In the future of industries processed foods should have a greater concern for the way we consume our food, increasingly practical way without sacrificing their nutritional values in turn should exist a great interest in reducing and reusing waste. A good way to cover these aspects in food processing is turning them into energy bars, not only in the common cereal bars as well known in the market, but also including other types of foods such as dried meat, vegetables or fruit, producing imperishable food making easier the consuming way. As for the reduction of waste, industries should be more interested in the reusable and biodegradable packaging design. This proposal is about an energy bar made with cereal and honey enveloped in a package made of cellulose corn, wheat or rice printed with organic inks The innovative aspect of this idea is that you can eat the packaging and cereal bar together at the same time without changing the taste of the product. EAT´EM ALL !