Food from Present to Future in Digital Era
The use of Food from Present to Future with the help of Cloud Computing, Drones, Apps, 3D printing


•The food should be easily available at any place. It can be preserved at any place in absence of freeze also. • The food can be purchased at any departmental store as well as through internet.3D printing can be adopted if stores provide raw materials/ food grains so that it can consumed. The quality of grains through 3D printings has to be taken into consideration.•Through cloud-computing and with the help of the Drone system and the products can be delivered. Traditional markets can use home delivery system through drone, and Apps Cloud Computing will help them to do it better.My idea is to provide our future generations nutritious food. The food should be tasty, hygienic, and ready to serve. There are a few options which would help the future generations to have ready-to-eat items. Some of the options are listed below:Options for breakfast:- 1. Dahi Chiura :- Roasted Beaten rice mixed, with Desiccated yoghurt, and sugar. It is Good for health and is easy to digest. It can be preserved for months. It takes no preparation time. Curd is a milk product and is easily available. Sugar be added in addition. The calorie-conscious can take it with salt and pepper. 2. Sattu:- Sattu is a flour consisting of a mixture of ground roasted pulses and cereals. The dry powder is prepared in various ways as a principal or secondary ingredient of dishes. It is Good for health and is easy to digest. It can be preserved for months. It takes no preparation time. Option for Lunch and Dinner:- Pre-cooked Desiccated Biryani/ Rice, Dal (dried pulse prepared from various types of bean) and Vegetables or Meat :- It is Tasty and takes less than 10 minutes no time to prepare. Option for Snacks:- 1. Chiurra and Chana (Gram Pulse) 2. We can take edible insects and edible bugs. It is rich of protein and nutrition. Tinned bugs can be suitable for snacks. Good for business of future food products. Products can be shipped easily. A specific app can also be designed to deliver on time.