Imagine that you are playing a strategy game. You can choose the type of drone that you want, first or third person view, and start farming. You can dig, plant seeds, water the plants, pick, or inspect, and all that while sitting comfortably at your home, in a bar, on a beach, or somewhere else. When you finish the farming process, you can take drone deliverer and deliver the food that you made to the place you choose!

Welcome to co-farming! Social app that will bring the future of farming directly to you!

Subscribers will be able to grow organic food, track progress, and deliver food either to their home, send it to someone as a present or at a specific drone delivery markets.

Depending on the desired drone, time&date, and region/farm, subscribers will be able to pick and choose different time slots. Drones will be able to work only on chosen areas, and will be simple to use, i. e. will have only simplified pick&define commands, while the app will give instructions on how to grow food in a proper way. Farms will be located outside of populated areas, in nature, and possibly at the outskirts of big cities.

//// cover image: Reprisal Universe game