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Virtual Reality Restaurant Experiences


With huge advances in technology in recent years, virtual reality has come on leaps and bounds. We eat at restaurants to not only enjoy amazing food, but to have an experience. What if the worlds of Virtual Reality and Restaurant Dining were to collide - creating a whole new sensory dining experience? Enjoy a journey through South East Asia and watch as your food is prepared by a local stall-holder. Become a fly-on-the-wall in the kitchen as the chef talks you through his processes. Take a journey to local producers to see where the ingredients in your meal have come from. Dine alone and connect with someone else on the other side of the world who is also dining alone. The possibilities are endless. Attributions: oculus rift by Musavvir Ahmed from the Noun Project. Virtual Reality Goggles by Ryan Spiering from the Noun Project. Stock photography from pexels.com