The opposite story of the fridge: Imagine that you can become a friend with your fridge. A world that we live in is craving for artificial intelligence solutions on every step. The future of technology will be more or less based on AI solutions. Moreover, some of these will be used in everyday life, like our advanced fridge. Through our app, you will be able to start creating a friendly bond with your fridge. The fridge will keep track of your eating habits (keep track what you put inside), and will help you choosing groceries that can improve your lifestyle. If for example you want to lose weight, the fridge will advise you to eat more vegetables and less sweets. In other words, based on the food patterns, the fridge will be able to tell you, what you need to eat if you want to be more fit, or if you want to be more healthy! On the other hand, you could call your fridge while you are in a supermarket and ask him about certain recipe. He could tell you what do you already have, and what do you need to buy! He could also suggest you a recipe for dinner, and all the ingredients that you need to buy for it!