So Food. So Close & So Good. Edited 27/06.
Food should be easily accessible instead of thrown away and this is our solution.


For the hungry neighbor: Too lazy to cook or just want to enjoy a delicious homemade meal on a friendly budget? Your in luck, your neighbors cooked for an army and have amazing leftovers. So go launch the SoFood app, have a look at the map and enjoy homemade meals from your awesome caring neighbors. Choose whatever you might be in the mood for and in less than half an hour a meal served in a bio-green packaging right to your door. If you want to pick it up, feel free to ask the cook, this is definitely something feasible.

For the cook: The concept is simple, thanks to SoFood you won’t throw anything in the garbage anymore and you won’t have to eat the same dish twice in a day. Easy as 1, 2, 3: Post a picture of the meal with a description of the ingredients used. Set a fair price and upload your meal to the App. It then shows on a local map* and your neighbors can order the meal directly through the app. *Your exact location will not be shared, the map location will be within 2 blocks of your actual location.

The SoFood Team is here for you! We’ll provide bio-green packaging and handle the delivery, at no cost to you. For an even easier and environmentally friendly experience, your hungry guest can pick-up the meal directly from you - this of course is optional and managed anonymously via the app.

Payouts for purchased meals will be distributed once a month and you will have the choice either to take the amount in your account or to donate to charity either entirely or partially.

SoFood vision and values: Social Trust - Rate the meal and let the local community know what to expect! Engagement - Cooks will receive points regarding consumers rating system which will ensure their credibility.