Nu3Bar - All the nutrition you need
Nu3Bar - All the nutrition you need - Developed Spark


Nu3Bar (nutrition bar) is about having accessible machines in our homes, public places and food factories/restaurants, which create nutrition bars based on our own needs and preferences. The same way a coffee machine makes coffee the way we like it and the same way as bread machines allow us to make our unique dough products.

Nu3Bar would have several compartments for inserting different type of ingredients - nuts, cereals, dry fruits, honey, etc. The idea is that everyone could enjoy fully customized homemade nutrition bars everywhere they go.

The machines would have a lot of recipes by default to ease up the start and from there, people could take things into their own hands and experiment further.

Nu3Bar action combines different functions: milling, blending, layering, baking, even freezing. It will allow the creation of everyone’s dream food bar.

Operation modes: 1. All ingredients in a solid bar - it could be delicately or roughly milled. It is a total mix in a single homogeneous bar. 2. All ingredients in a layered bar - different combinations of how the ingredients are placed in the bar and their consistency. For example lower half is hard and upper half is soft. 3. Optional covering with different topics like honey, chocolate, dried fruit syrup, etc. The covering can be full or partial. 4. Custom programs - just like in the coffee machines. 5. Nu3Bar could be operated physically by buttons or digitally by a mobile app. It would be able to “learn” from the user about his preferences.

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