The Intelligent House System
The Intelligent House System is the brain that controls all smart devices from the house and shop.


NOW we have the smart TV, smart fridge, apps that can lock and unlock doors…

THEN we’ll have the Intelligent House System (I.H.S), which will be the brain that controls all these and many other smart devices from your house.

But, most important of all, the Intelligent House System knows the food and drinks stock from your fridge and order to the supermarket the items which are about to run out.

The I.H.S. monitors the food and drinks stock from the fridge. The moment you’re about to run out of something, the I.H.S. sends the order to the supermarket. Because the I.H.S. is connected to the supermarket and also to your driverless car, the supermarket sends the order by drones with seconds before arriving home. The intelligent house system has also access to a bank account, to it can make the payments. The only interaction with supermarket it will be just picking up the box from the front door.