Smartnutricity The App and Network,UPDATE
The App and Network will help you manage a healthy and affordable diet on a budget when eating out.


Smartnutricity will help you manage a healthy and affordable diet on a budget, and existing apps gave users a diverse type of feedback and information such as nutritional intake, weight management, and calorie intake, but these apps don’t take into consideration our diet when eating out.

And when we are in a restaurant, some people tend to eat over-sized portions and we don’t know exactly how many calories, sugar or saturated fat we eat when we’re away from home.

Nowadays people are traveling extensively to work, and eating out in restaurants, coffee shops etc has become a part of our lives.

Personally I would love to have an app which will be able to tell me that I can eat a nice breakfast on my way to work and I will be able to scan the bill with my phone which will give me all the nutritional information downloaded straight to my Smartnutricity (if the restaurant is not on the network yet). It would be a really useful option.

The app will provide me with live updates on what I am eating and drinking right now connected to the restaurant network, and it will inform me when I exceed my daily intake of alcohol, sugar or my budget during an evening with friends. I can also invite my friend to have a lunch with me by using the app and Smartnutricity network. The App can provide reviews on all restaurants from the network. In this concept, I was inspired by IBM Watson and PRE Pad-Smart food scale technology and I took into consideration: The 10 Best Dining and Restaurant Apps 1. Yelp iPhone/Android 2. Foursquare iPhone/Android 3. EAT24 – iPhone/Android 4. Urbanspoon – iPhone/Android 6. OpenTable – iPhone/Android 7. LocalEats – iPhone/Android 8. DiningGrades – iPhone 9. Find. Eat. Drink. – iPhone 10. Restaurant Finder – Android