Crowdcook is more about tastes, convenience and SHARING (which is the notion of the future)


PLEASE READ THIS_________________ imagine you cook for 2 people, you have 2 meals in your account, you decide to use the 2 meals the next day, you order the food from the app, and the food will arrive at your door (by drones, since the brief is about the future -childrens's children) or it will arrive by a delivery company (fedex, UPS...) you receive your meal EXACTLY like when you receive any product you buy on internet. People can cook in week ends and stock the food in the refrigerator (it's the future, the capacity of refrigerators to stock food will be improved) and you will send it to other people. Someone may argue and say why don't i cook it and stock it for myself and eat it during the week.... but can you cook different dishes in one week end? Especially if you follow a special diet. You may cook with CrowdCook once a week (it depends on the number of the meals you have in account) for the rest of the week you’ll have other people cook for you. Say a meal costs you 40 euro at a restaurant… from CrowdCook it costs 10 euros because you pay ONLY for the raw ingredients and the delivery fee and that’s it.

It’s convenient because: -During 1 week you eat your favorite food (which is variant fresh and delicious) while cooking once/week, you save time and money to do things you’re passionate about!

The app is made of communities, someone can join different communities, but in each community he has an account of meals. example peter has: 4 meals in the international traveler community, and 13 meals in the vegan community. The communities are created by people who are members of the Crowdcook, their creation depends on the taste, trends, lifestyle of people in terms of food. We can see communities like for: the Vegans, Diabetics, French traditional food, Gluten free community etc...