The Smart Stove
The smart stove will help cook your food following pre-programmed recipe and method.


The smart stove is integrated with an intelligent system that enables and assist you in following pre-programmed recipes with precision. With the help of built in weight sensors, timer and voice commands, it guides your input into creating amazing recipes. You select a dish and get all the ingredients needed. Then you switch on your smart stove and it starts giving you the voice commands that enables you to follow the method of cooking this recipe from start to finish. Once you press start, it goes on from there. It tells you to place the pot and add water. It weighs and let you know when you've added enough water or oil. It adjusts heat depending on the intensity of heat needed at various stages of cooking. It tells you when the potato goes in , when the onion will be added and when you need to stir. It knows when to simmer and beeps for your attention. All you do is stand there and follow the instructions of your smart stove. You are not reading a recipe and struggling to follow, you are being lead and guided through the process. You and your smart stove are really just cooking together. Recipe books will eventually evolve into the softwares that runs your smart stove. You know this is the answer if you've ever followed a recipe that comes done short of expectation. Now imagine cooking that famous chef's signature dish with his/her voice guiding you. Picture this idea by thinking about those self checkout machines at the supermarket, then imagine them being stoves and their task is to give the voice commands that helps you cook Gordon Ramsey's signature dish method for method.