LifeWater: Water that fits your lifestyle.
A water system that tracks your food & beverage intake and customizes drinks for your health.


Water is the drink of life so why not replenish your body with the “right stuff?" Replenish your body & mind with a custom drink that compliments your vitamin, mineral & micro-nutrients needs. OVERVIEW +Track your daily eating and drinking habits. +Get a live analysis of the vitamins, micro-nutrients & minerals at the days end you missed. +LifeWater connects via a wearable or input directly to app. +The device mixes your recipe with the top vitamins and minerals to supplement your diet. TARGET +All ages. +Health conscious individuals. +Sports and fitness enthusiasts. +Busy professionals who want quick easy solutions. DELIVERY OF NUTRIENTS +Cartridges are easily installed into the device. +Device auto-orders refills when levels are low. +Specials cartridges can be given from a doctor by prescription. +Flavors can easily accompany to encourage usage and offset taste. ON THE GO For people on the go there is a solution for you! +Input your days meal plan. +Receive your daily vitamins minerals and micro-nutrients analysis. +Fill the atomizer. +Enjoy your beverage on the train, at the office or in the car...