Design of a DIY kit and an app for people who use & consume Greek herbs to share their stories.


To begin with, we Greeks are currently dealing with a number of challenges, such as the financial problems & unemployment as well as individualization; in other words a growing distance between people caused by a difficult situation such as the Greek crisis. Nevertheless, I do believe that Greeks have a strong personality & drive and as our history has proven over the years, in challenging times motivated, ambitious and creative people can drive Greece forward! It’s time for the new generation to act! There is currently a global health and wellness trend, which is evident across a wide range of FMCG industries, including packaged food and non-alcoholic drinks that continues to benefit from herbal/traditional health products. These products are seen as a safer and more natural way of treating minor illnesses. Due to its temperate climate and exceptionally diverse flora and fauna, Greece is one of the richest countries in herbs in the entire world. Wild herbs, usually collected from mountains, are used for teas and infusions - the majority of them intended as natural remedies. From the above, I decided to design a DIY kit and an application to build a community that will grow a variety of Greek herbs indoors and then will share their experience and ideas on Facebook (or other social media).

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