Meal hacking for the masses


As designers, we are trained to create optimistically and opportunistically, but when it comes to our global food supply we must face the facts: we are on a crash course towards a catastrophic food shortage in the next 10-20 years given the rapid pace of population growth worldwide, increased demand for more & better food from emerging economies, and breakdowns in production systems that affect our world's food inventory. 1 in 9 people worldwide already live without access to affordable, healthy food options, and that number is expected to grow as "real" foods become increasingly scarce and expensive luxury items. Those cannot afford fresh, organic foods have no choice but to consume fatty, processed junkfoods.

MetaFlavor is a digitally-enabled sensory hacking kit that attempts to address this issue by delivering the experience and benefits of a full nutritious meal at just a fraction of the cost. The consumer purchases packets of bite-sized meal replacement chews and eats them while wearing an "augmented meal-ity" headset that provides olfactoryvisual stimuli and "hacks" the senses into thinking that the meal bites taste like anything else. Brands and restaurants license their products in visual & scent refill packs that make it seem as though the consumer is eating their foods. This concept takes into consideration the dark reality of how the "have nots" who cannot afford real healthy food in the future can still get their nutrition and have an enjoyable experience.